Cain’s mark on the refugees, Part II

The ways and means which are being used nowadays to the extreme, mostly surrounding the challenge of the refugees, have a considerable past to talk about. Methods which remind of police-state and opinion police aren’t weapons that were magically summoned by those in force, to battle the growing unease in the population, but were groomed and could be watched in many places over the course of the last decades. Their very own legitimacy and radical use was only made possible, because of the familiarization  between them and the citizens of the western world; a slow and steady upbringing, to accept them and even put them to practice on their own.

Continued from Part I.

Das Kainsmal und die Flüchtlinge

The biggest weapon is virtue itself

The impenetrable miasma of guilt complexes, political correctness, the pretense of virtue without any real morals behind it and the morbid compulsion to follow neo-liberal ideas to the very end, even it if means emerging at the opposite end of the political spectrum. Never before in the modern age had people – and minorites – access to this much freedom and never before were people fighting so hard to deny other people’s liberties by silencing them with accusations of racism, bigotry and sexism. The irony behind it, to abuse the pretense of liberalism in order to use fascist methods, grows ever thicker and still goes unnoticed by many advocates of the same movements and ideologies.

While these processes are building their epitome in the form of cop-murders, Black Lives Matter movements and questionable academical regulations in the United States, a slightly less noisy version of the same conflict is creeping around Europe. The differences in populism and irrationalism are negligible , but at least in Germany, one can watch a more subtle and more civil – and even more sinister – attempt of bathing in and enforcing the fanatism of the global megalomania. Here, as well, exist the same tendencies: Despite the recent victories of the conservative AfD (Alternative for Germany) in Mecklenburg-Hither Pomerania and Berlin and the resulting growing pressure upon the establishment, which forces them to face the ongoing problems and adapt actual proposals that were rejected mere months ago as too radical, the official cage preserves: The establishment stubbornly clutching onto the open border policy, a one-sided contemplation of political and social events through the media, the public condemnation of conservative or patriotic ideas, a complete lack of consequences and consistency considering the prosecution of criminal migrants and the invisible threat of the judiciary to the own populace, to persecute hate speech and hate crimes in the internet. While immigrants are supported in any perceivable way – like this flirting course paid by taxes -, native citizens are being patronized and forced into a submissive attitude, so that they willingly tolerate all conditions, all damage and suffering done, without complaint, and to do whatever is needed and wanted to help integrating the newly arrived fellow citizens. Logical reasoning should assume a systematic opposite of this situation, in which the state helps and protects it’s own citizens while stating clear demands to those, who came to search for shelter. Instead, it are these foreigners, who bear the mark of Cain, which proclaims: Criticize or hurt us, and you will be severaly punished.

The useful idiots

The most obvious and plain method of deterrence and retaliation can be found in the shape of compliant citizens, who act as shield and sword in the name of open border policies in the name of perplexing ideologies. The Antifa and similiar minded groups were always known for their absurd mental gymnastics: Fighting against neo-nazis, conservatives, the police and the same state that is paying for their daily welfare life, they were always ready to do battle with any means necessary, from populist propaganda to the theft of flags and acts of physical violence.

Paid and organized – even until now – by politicap parties, states, country and dubious investors; even for a free tour to New York. Troubled citizens, protestors, journalists and essentially anyone who do not stand on their side are being threatened and attacked; often just because for voicing  different opinion or trying to get a neutral view on a subject. Ironically, while propagating anti-autoritarian views and constantly batting heads with the police, they accept their payment from these sources without batting an eye and use the same fascist methods as those who potray their nemesis. But maybe this is just a naive view of them; maybe, they’re completely aware of their self-contradicting actions; maybe, they use these actions in full consciousness, abusing the context of the immigration crisis to completely undermine and finally destroy a people, a culture and a nation.

Responsibility of the Mainstream Media

The greatest relevance and the most potent weapon is still to be found in the form of the mainstream media. The level of manipulation has achieved absurd dimensions in recent times, which assumedly is a hysterical reaction to the growing scepticism towards the biased coverage of political events, a „Now more than ever“-mentality. While some networks are trying to put various things into perspective – which more often than not still comes around as patronizing or hyperbolic – that were condemned only half a year ago, is the blatant deception of the consumer still going on nationwide.

Prime example: Bautzen, a town in eastern Saxony. After clashes of local citizens and a group of UMAs (unattended minor asylumseekers), in which the latter threw bricks and glassbottles at the former and the incoming policemen as well, the police escorted the UMAs back to the asylum center. Several smaller groups of locals trailed them and waited in front of the asylum center to enter it, but got deterred by the police, until they disbanded. The police held a press conference, where they described the described the course of this evening quite detailled. Although there was alcohol involved at both sides and provocations were traded, the aggression clearly originated from the side of the asylum seekers. In the days that followed, demonstrations and disputes ensued between the citizens of Bautzen and leftist protesters – Antifas driven to Bautzen from nearby Leipzig, of course with the friendly support from the SPD. These days produced the usual coverage-routine.

While the situation was described rather precisely by the locals and the police, who pointed out problems and reasons, the medial narrative clearly used populistic rhetorics to denounce the citizens of Bautzen – and sometimes even all people of Saxony or East Germany – as radical right-winged.

Die Zeit correlated the curfew and ban on alcohol for minor asylum seekers directly with right-wing radicalism. <Extremists attack refugees> headlines the Focus. The ZDF reports about the in Bautzen. And while they do recognize the violence used by the asylum seekers, the narrative is still obvious: The problem is right-wing radicalism, the problem are the inhabitants of Bautzen. With this, the true radicalism of a few individuals is equated to the general mentality of a whole state; the true concerns and defensiveness about their home equated to radicalism. Mayor Alexander Ahrens preached to this choir by calling his town a <playground for right-wingers>. The only real consequence out of all this turmoil for the people who caused it: The problematic UMAs were moved to another asylum center. Meanwhile, the police is under attack and is publicly defamed for doing their job.

tweet_lobo_bautzen[„The problem is – one third of the police in Saxony are nazis.“ (from a background talk with a police functionary) – Sascha Lobo is a well-known writer, blogger and journalist.]

The attempt to defend oneself against the constant provocations, sexual harassment and physical attacks lead to a clear reaction in the case of Bautzen: The attackers weren’t disciplined or punished in any relevant way and only experienced again that their actions were of no consequence to them, while the hosts of defenders from the media, compliant protesters and politicans came to their help immediately and wasted no time in continuing the verbal attack onto the locals in the name of progressiveness. Assuming that the immigrants weren’t already victim of a twisted, cultural understanding of law and order, they are now virtually conditioned into believing that their criminal deeds keep going unpunished, and that they even garner support from dubious places whatever the situation.

Subsidies for subversion

The next weapon in the arsenal: Agitprop. While silencing critical tones in social media with the threat of the police and cooperated censorship with the relevant platforms themselves, there are other ongoing methods that are beng used actively rather than reactively.

The Amade Antonio Foundation exists since 1998 and proclaims it’s goal a battle against racism. It was founded and headed by Anetta Kahane, whose whole past is quite expressive. Mostly relevant however is her several years long collaboration with the Stasi of the GDR, in which she spied upon numerous people. Considering her experience, it comes as no surprise that she and her foundation were installed as the leading force in censorship on the interet. 2015, Heiko Maas – Federal Minister of Justice – proclaimed the founding of a new taskforce with the purpose of battling hatespeech online. Or in layman-terms: Censorship. Under the guidance of IM Victoria, Kahanes former Stasi codename, this taskforce is since then busy fighting everything that contradicts or criticizes their own opinion and even vaguely belongs to the right-wing faction; or just conservative views.

The foundation is, besides others, supported by Cem Özdemir, member of the green party, the BMI (Federal Ministry of the Interior) and BMFSFJ (Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth), is financed by tax money and has members like Julia Schramm in it’s ranks, who posts anti-german sentiments on social media – referencing and inviting a repetition of the bombing of Dresen because of the demonstrations there – and publishes and blogs about her fascination with german chancellor Angela Merkel. From the minds of these people originate, besides their daily methods of censorhip, several publications.

One of it is this manual about dealing with hatespeech against refugees in social media. Therein is described how to properly identify hatespeech, fight it and report it to authorities. Hatespeech in this context is also defined as ; or ; and finally . If one should voice these or similiar concerns on the web, it is definite proof of right-wing hatespeech. Another publication from the foundation – this time with the support of Heike Radvan from the department of Gender and right-wing extremism prevention – is an article in the magazine , which is given out for free in pharmacies or medical centers. The download is availabe at this link.


While essentially having the same content as the aforementioned manual, it focusses on parents and children in a real life environment; especially daycare, kindergarden and school. It describes methods to spot right-wing families by painting the stereotype of the typical blond, disciplined and orderly german. Girls wear properly woven braids and long skirts, boys don’t wear clothes with american brands. The parents are separated in different categories, some actively trying to spread their ideology, some just being racist on a seemingly trivial basis. They are nice and dedicated, take on responsibilities and volunteer work, to get close to other parents and slowly subvert them.  After identifying them, it is adviced to deal with them accordingly; daycares and kindergardens should use house regulations to deter and prevent right-winged parents from bringing their child or seek counsel at a appropriate foundation or authority.


These semantics and aesthetics are being used in various ways and always to defame the world-view of conservative or right-leaning people, even it it borderlindes the absurd. Like in this example, where a wide-known magazine, Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche, portrayed the stereotypical white family as the utopian ideal of the AfD, and as such, as a inherently bad thing. The anti-fascist fight therefore becomes ever more increasingly a battle against the own state, culture and fellow citizens.


The replacement and death of a people is gleefully invited without any thought for the people or the consequences; a crime far worse than any hatespeech or hatecrime could hope to achieve.

Of course, these procedures and methods didn’t go their way completely unnoticed and uncommented; some networks got pointed out about the foundation and their actions and reacted and reported more or less critically about it. A short and humorous piece was already enough for the foundation to retaliate with an open letter, the demand to erase the piece and the forced intervention of the supervisory body of the related tv channel.

The powerlessness of the refugees is the power of the NGOs

Another representative of agenda-ridden foundations is PRO ASYL, founded in 1986. Connected to them are a vast array of foundations, sponsor associations, syndicates and refugee councils in every state of Germany. The person responsible is Jürgen Micksch, who, besides other projects, founded the following institutions: Islamic-Christian Workgroup to Problems with Foreigners; Intercultural Council of Germany; Forum against Racism.

Which political connections these organisations have among others can be seen in this video to the 25th anniversary of the foundation. To be seen are Claudia Roth, member of the Green party and proven anti-german activist, and Heribert Prantl, head of the domestic policy department of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. Günter Burkhardt, current manager of the foundation, mentions another name in his speech as well: Peter Altmaier, renowned CDU politican and one of Angela Merkel’s must trusted advisors. Apparently, as Burkhardt describes, he opened many doors on the national political level in his time of being the state secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, where he was also responsible for securing protection for Abdullah Ibn Jibreen, a well-kown Wahhabi extremist.

But all of this accounts only for the federal level. PRO ASYL however is far better and more widely connected. Part of the web: The European Council on Refugees and Exciles (ERE), the European Network against Racism (ENAR) and the European Programs for Integration and Migration (EPIM). Those are, respectively, connected to a greater number of politicans, institutions of the European Union and wealthy investors. Friederike Beck, german journalist, wrote a rather detailed article about these connections – sadly exclusively in german and with no available translation -, which shows the involvement of George Soros‘ Open Society Foundation and also numbers the huge amount of money that is involved.

The involvement of the Hungarian-American star investor doesn’t come as a surprise: A few months ago, the leaked emails of DCLeaks  revealed many other of his ambitious projects,  among them: Financing the Black Lives Matter protests in the US to achieve a tightening of state police control and expand the surveillance network; took part in Ukrainian revolution and the aftermath of it to combat russian influence; manipulated elections in member states of the EU through his NGOs; and wants to gain global control over the migrant-movements over the course of the current crisis.

All the while PRO ASYL is doing it’s part for these plans on a national level continuedly. Only recently, they called for an unlimited intake of all immigrants and that everyone who enters the Schengen territory has a right of asylum and cannot be deported anymore. Furthermore, the deportation of those migrants who got their asylum application denied, is constantly being interfered with and prevented, often enough with the help of PRO ASYL, as Rainer Wendt,  head of the german police union, observed.

All these elements and aspects that are at work, partially for decades by now, created a surreal atmosphere of anxiety, in which own’s one is shunned or disdained and the alien is being welcomed. In the year of 2000, the CDU settled on a working basis for the commission of migration. Therein, Angela Merkel herself emphasized the consciousness of one’s own identity explicitly, declared the model of multiculturalism and parallel societes as an impossible scenario for the future and even defended the term of – core culture – herself.

Today, 16 years later, the opposite is obviously the case – the course of Angela Merkel turned completely and is being criticized by her own party: there is a thought police and german identity and core culture are being cursed and forced into the radical right-wing corner.

Quo vadis?

Meanwhile, the costs for the ever-growing numbers of immigrants in all aspects of society are rising and rising – for example in the healthcare sector – while the numbers of german tax-payers who have to stem these costs are dwindling and more and more of them are living in poverty.

Fears and concerns are also rampant in the security sector: Recently, it was revealed that a great number of stolen or faked passports went unnoticed by employees and that the responsible BAMF denied the release of the correlated documents. The same ministry – mind you – that is working with the Amadeu Foundation und whose board members are even writing publications for them. Conveniently, around the same time it was made known that a software, developed by superintendent Wolfgang Volland for the purpose of detecting faked passports, got rejected by the Ministry of Interior, despite the fact that it was certified to work and even won an award.

The times of presumed innocence are long gone at this point. The forces at work strive for a clear goal on all levels of power, opposite to the well-being of the country, opposite to the wishes of the popluace, opposite to the logic of what a nation and a government should provide. The very own citizens are being oppressed, threatened or shamed, for the sake of foreign people, under the guise of benevolence and an obligation to provide that is written in one hunded year old blood.

And when all of that does not suffice, physical violence has to serve as an ultimate way of means to achieve the intended result. Even if the presence of actual tanks on Dresden’s Day of German Unity was explained through a strangely timed advertisement of the Bundeswehr – the effect still was obviously in place. Nevertheless, the agitation about imagined radical right-wing Saxons can’t seem to find an end, the real problems vanish in the medial flood, politicians of the Green party openly wish for a second bombing of Dresden, call protesters brainless or are invited to give a speech on the Day of German Unity, despite being and protesting against it 16 years before and calling for the abolishment of nations and borders. This is reality.

oomen_tweet[Matthias Oomen (Member of the Green Party) on the topic of a WW II bomb found in Dresden:

He gets criticized by a fellow party member but shows not a single sign of remorse.]

roth[A protest march during the german unification process; radical left-leaning ideologies were transported, as these three women – sociologist and writer Jutta Ditfurth and the still active politicans Claudia Roth and Angelika Beer – enthusiastically marched behind signs wo propagated the death of Germany]

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